The Maelgreh
"Long ago, Universe was One.

There was One Time, One World and One People.

Before the Shatterer sundered All, we were One.

Though all else has been Broken, our hearts remain whole.

Though we were scattered, we remain One."

There is a Sea that spans the space between all worlds, its depths are the depths of the Abyss Aeternal and its shores touch all things in Universe. Its Sky is the elemental Air, and the wind that moves upon its surface is the life and breath of all living worlds; from their most pleasant breezes to storms so terrific that they tear entire worlds asunder. Its Night is the cold darkness between Worlds and all the stars of Universe glitter in its elemental waters. The Dawn that brings light unto this sea is the collected dawn of every world given form and brilliance and life to rise from the Abyss and cross the boundless horizon, bringing light and day to all things. This is the Aetheric Sea, the Aeternal Sea, the Sea that is the form and essence of all Oceans and all Seas on all Worlds in Universe.
Few possess the means or the will to traverse the intangible and tempestuous Sea between the Worlds and of those who do, only the Maelgreh dare call it Home; for it is the only Home left to them. In vessels both great and small the Maelgreh have plied the Aetheric Sea's elemental waters longer then memory can tell. They say that they were the first to do so, and such is their knowledge and ability in this matter that no one of sense doubts them.

The Maelgreh are the foremost traders, merchants and explorers of Universe and their Great Black Merchant Junks are known to the ports of every World. They trade in all manner of goods, from the most exotic to the most common, collected over the course of their wanderings. Their ships and magics are also the primary means by which numerous Worlds have commerce, trade and communication with one another.

The Maelgreh themselves no longer have any World of their own. Their entire civilization has been adrift upon the Aetheric Sea for so long that the fate of their own World has long passed into shadowed Myth and Memory. Although their merchant fleets are well known across Universe, the great majority of the Maelgreh live their lives upon archipelagos of floating Islands that drift upon the surface of the Aetheric Sea. These Island Ships vary greatly in size, construction and appearance, but all of them possess the power to pass between the Worlds and float over Land, Sea, and Sky.