Madhavaselvi Himdimba


Madhavaselvi belongs to a group of shape shifting entities named the Ith'Alaqua. Their manifestations in the physical sphere gave rise to tales of the Rakshasa and to legends and myths of "were-creatures" throughout Universe. The Ith'Alaqua famously enjoy hunting humans for sport and consider their flesh a great delicacy. Immortal creatures of Passion and Desire, they live in accordance with their capricious Whims and Hungers.

Madhavaselvi loves luxury, wealth and unbridled intoxication of the senses. She hunts in those human inhabited Realities that provide her with the greatest opportunities to pursue these loves to every possible extent. To this end she spends a great deal of her time in the Aeternal City of Infinite Names. The City from which all cities arise and that itself arises from the existence of all cities in all Realities. More then mere satisfaction of flesh and hunger drive her actions, but she does not yet fully know exactly what she seeks.