The winds scream.

I am alone here...

A blackness moves across the City.

The ashes I think.

The room is stained and old and wet and

above all




I’ve painted my name on the wall.

I wait.

The thump of artillery shells shudders the City.

Just my name.

To remind me

who I am


what I am


I am in my tomb


I shudder deeply inside myself

I have walked on my own grave.

A light bleeds across the sky...

red light

orange light

The City burns

and screams.

Someone tried to come in here

a minute ago,

her blood has painted the wall.

I stare at her empty

sockets from across the room.

The blood on my hands is fresh.

It came.

How long ago I can’t remember.

It came and they fought It.

It spoke to me and the City Screamed.

It spoke through the Sky,

Through the Earth

And the World


I saw

And they went


The Slaughter continues.

I watch her,

She will walk again.